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Alper YEĞİN, Davetli Konuşmacı

  • Mobile and wireless IP network architect working for Samsung Electronics
    DMC R&D Center in Korea. Active member of WiMAX Forum NWG end-to-end architecture group, chairing NWG Security Team and acting as the group's (unofficial) liaison to IETF since NWG's inception in 2004.

    Active member of IETF, particularly involved in IPv6, Mobile IP, and network access security related working groups since 1999. Currently chairing IETF PANA WG. Past member of IETF Wireless Directorate and IPv6 Forum Technical Directorate. Authored several IETF RFCs and drafts, papers, and patents.

    Past employers include Sun Microsystems (TCP/IP development team of Solaris Software), DoCoMo USA Labs (4G R&D), and Samsung (4G R&D) in Silicon Valley.
    Co-authored the book titled "Next Generation Mobile Systems: 3G & Beyond".

  • He's talk : "IPv6 for mobile and wireless Internet."
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